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5 Passengers | 4 Door | Automatic

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley is a well-established luxury car manufacturer with a stellar reputation for quality in this industry. The brand is known for solid workmanship, elegant design, and a powerful presence. When it launched its long-awaited SUV Bentley Bentayga, many auto enthusiasts were excited.

It was launched in 2016 and has two successful production lines so far. It’s a great vehicle for everyday use, blending form and functionality seamlessly. This is one of the most expensive SUVs available today so it’s a good idea to consider the specifications carefully.

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Included Features:

Engine: 6.0L W12
Trans: 8-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: AWD
HP: 600 Hp @ 5000 Rpm
Top Speed: 187 Mph
Gas: 12/19 MPG

A Closer Look

According to Bentley, Bentayga is one of the fastest and most powerful luxury SUVs available today. In many ways, this is true because it delivers excellent performance on all fronts. Most drivers are surprised by how quick this hefty machine can be. The power engine propels it to incredible speeds effortlessly without compromising on control. You can take tight corners quickly and still have a stable machine roaring under you. For such a big vehicle, Bentayga resists body roll well so taking corners at a reasonable speed doesn’t seem risky.

It also delivers good performance off-road, handling all the bumps and jarring well. Dampeners absorb impact comfortably so people aren’t tossed around in their seats. Feedback on side-to-side weight transfer is flat, which can take some getting used to but makes for an incredible driving experience. You don’t feel the size or weight of this vehicle because its movements are controlled very well.

It is still a driver’s car, so the Bentley Bentayga doesn’t dictate your every move. You can step on the accelerator to get top speed without any controls holding it back. Drivers have to pay attention and control the vehicle which provides a more hands-on experience.

Driving this car is not just enjoyable, but also comfortable. You can drive over long distances without experiencing excessive fatigue. It makes sure rides aren’t too bumpy and interiors are pleasant. Indoor temperature control systems are efficient so no matter what the temperature outside is like; your indoor environment will always be enjoyable.

The interior comfort combined with Bentayga power makes this vehicle a worthwhile purchase. This new production model vehicle has all the bells and whistles you expect from modern machines, including a good infotainment system.

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