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2 Passengers | 2 Door | Automatic

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari cars have a reputation for being fast, ferocious, and sleek. They’re all well-designed and engineered precisely to deliver the best possible performance on the road. The company’s goal has always been to bring racing abilities and style to regular vehicles. The 458 Spider is one of Ferrari’s greatest successes.

The machine was in production from 2011 to 2015 and it is still hailed as one of the best cars in the category. The magnificent Ferrari 488 Spider is 458’s successor, but it carries a similar design language. Let’s take a look at what makes the 458 Spider special:

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Included Features:

Engine: 4.5L V8
Trans: 7-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: RWD
HP: 597 HP
Top Speed: 199 Mph
Gas: 13/17 MPG

A Closer Look

Driving a Ferrari is an experience. It’s not just a vehicle to take you from one destination to another, but also a machine that gets your adrenaline pumping. Once you step into the cockpit, it’s easy to forget the outside world and become immersed in the power of this vehicle. This is a driver’s car with a responsive steering system and a stiff suspension that offers ample feedback. The naturally aspirated engine delivers a powerful roar and races down the road at full throttle like an unstoppable beast.

Many fast cars do well at full throttle on straight roads, but few offer the tight cornering capabilities of a Ferrari. The Spider has 30% more direct steering, which coupled with the 35% stiffer transmission provides all the control you need to ensure the vehicle takes corners well. You’re not struggling to control the Ferrari 458 Spider when the car is at high speeds. This piece of precision engineering sticks to the lane like glue, without the slightest wobble.

The Ferrari 458 Spider can handle uneven roads well. You can switch to the “bumpy road” setting, which softens the suspension by a small margin so it doesn’t provide as much feedback. Driving is much smoother in this setting so you won’t be tossed around in your seat while driving over small potholes.

This car’s open-roof design provides a great experience. At full speed, the roar of the engine and the wind is exhilarating. This is the first car in the Ferrari with a hard open top and it was specifically designed to accommodate it. Designers have made a number of interesting and efficient choices to ensure this open-top driving experience is comfortable for everyone in the vehicle.

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