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2 Passengers | 2 Door | Automatic

Ferrari 488 Spider

When a vehicle is named “The Supercar of the Year” and the “Best Driver’s Car” by respectable publications, it has to be special. Ferrari has always made beautifully designed supercars, machines that are able to deliver racecar-like performance on regular roads. The classic Ferrari design and excellent engineering ensure this car grabs attention when passing by.

The 488 Spider is ferocious, fast, and compact, designed with modern preferences in mind. Luxury supercars aren’t cheap, which is why it’s important to understand every aspect of these cars and how they function before making an investment. Here we take a detailed look at the Spider:

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Included Features:

Trans: 7-Speed F1 Dual-Clutch
Trans: 7-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: RWD
HP: 660 Hp @ 8000 Rpm
Top Speed: 203 Mph
Gas: 15/22 MPG

A Closer Look

Ferrari has a long and beautiful history of producing open-top supercars. One might say they’re experts at it as some of their most popular products have been open tops. The 488 is designed and created around this feature because designers wanted to ensure there is no compromise in performance when the top is down. The streamlined exterior body helps reduce aerodynamic drag by around 50%, allowing the car to move faster without requiring more power or fuel.

As mentioned before, this is a driver’s car and you can experience the resistance and power of it. The steering is responsive and provides a good amount of feedback. The Rack-Pinion system allows you to keep control of the vehicle and take turns easily. Drivers are assisted by intelligent software that ensures your car sticks to the line and doesn’t move uncertainly. This helps improve driver confidence and driving pleasure.

The Spider can handle all kinds of driving conditions while delivering racetrack performance. Dusty and uneven roads are handled with expert precision, especially in modes designed for such conditions. You barely feel any bumps and rattling within the cabin. In Sport or Race modes, the suspension is more rigid but the dampeners still work their magic. They contain fast-moving magnetic particles that absorb these movements well. They’re more suitable for clean surfaces like those found on well-maintained highways. Once you get into the car, the focus is on its performance.

The dashboard has two displays –one for the driver and the other for the passenger. The screens show all the information you need to know and control different aspects of the vehicle. You also have easy access to the entertainment system if you’re in the mood to listen to music or the radio.

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