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4 Passengers | 2 Door | Automatic

Ferrari California T

Ferrari has a great line of cars and it isn’t easy to pick something from the collection. Some machines are engineered for performance and deliver a Formula 1 like experience. Some are more practical and designed for everyday use. The Ferrari California T is the latter. This car has the brand’s vibe, style, and performance, without the bells and whistles of the more expensive Ferrari models.


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Included Features:

Engine: 3.9L V8
Trans: 7-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: RWD
HP: 553 Hp @ 7500 Rpm
Top Speed: 196 Mph
Gas: 16/23 MPG

A Closer Look

The Ferrari California T is a front-engine vehicle with a rear wheel drive. It can accommodate 2 passengers and is a 2-door convertible. That’s pretty standard for a vehicle in the Ferrari lineup, but this machine stands out because of its price. It is an entry-level car, the cheapest in the company’s lineup. This machine is still a supercar so you will get ample power and speed but at a slightly lower cost.

This car started out as California and that model stayed in production from 2008 to 2014. Demands for improvement in looks, performance, and electronics prompted Ferrari to upgrade the car and launch the California T in 2014. The newer model came with much-needed improvements in performance and looks, which is why it rose in popularity. The company has stopped production as of 2017 and is replacing this vehicle with Ferrari Portofino. The T stands for a turbo engine, which replaced the naturally aspirated one in the previous model.

This is probably the most user-friendly car in Ferrari lineup because it can be comfortably used for everyday travel. You can take it to work, on long weekend drives, and on casual shopping trips. If the weather is good, you can open the hardtop and enjoy the breeze. California T strikes the right balance between a regular convertible and a Ferrari supercar.

The company didn’t just improve the appearance, but also the overall performance. California T handles better than its predecessor. The engine is more powerful, transmission is smoother, suspension performs better, and braking is more responsive. Everyone who has driven this vehicle calls it “comfortable”. It’s an easy car to drive and experience. With one shift in driving modes, you can push the powerful engine and experience crisper steering, stiffer transmission, and stunning speed. It can turn from an everyday machine to a performance vehicle in the blink of an eye.

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