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7 Passengers | 4 Door | Automatic

Land Rover Range Rover

If you’re in the market for a good SUV, Land Rover Range Rover might be first on your list. Often known as Range Rover, this vehicle has been around since 1970 and is one of the best Service Utility Vehicles. A flagship model in its 4th generation of production, it delivers reliable performance in style.


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Included Features:

Engine: 3.0L V6
Trans: 8-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: AWD
HP: 380 Hp @ 6500 Rpm
Top Speed: 155 Mph
Gas: 18/24 MPG

A Closer Look

Almost every reviewer who has driven or experienced Range Rover has praised it. This machine is an incredible piece of precision engineering, drawing inspiration from a 45-year long heritage. Land Rover always strikes a good balance between style and performance. With the HSE, it offers a blend of modern technology, efficient powertrain, along with some interesting features.

Range Rover is the company’s largest and most high-performance vehicle. HSE is a top-tier trim, which stands for High Specifications Equipment, so it has better specs than base models in this line. The car handles all road conditions effortlessly while providing ample feedback. Adaptive dampeners in suspension systems absorb shock from bumps so the cabin experience is calm and stress-free. Excellent off-road performance tempts drivers to take this vehicle to rocky or muddy paths. This is rare for luxury SUVs as they’re designed for more accommodating conditions.

There is standard wheelbase, long wheelbase, diesel engine, and petrol engine options available in the HSE category. You can compare specifications of each car before choosing something that suits your requirements well.

This car’s rack-pinion steering system provides good feedback while the advanced variable-ratio electric power steering ensures you can maneuver easily. Range Rover HSE can take corners well at high speeds, sticking to the lane like glue. It has an anti-roll mechanism that adjusts movements carefully. Drivers need not struggle at full throttle.

The suspension is supported by Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 system, which adjusts settings in response to terrain feedback and driving modes. On regular city roads, it handles like a dream. The cabin is nearly noiseless and passengers barely feel a jostle. Everyday driving is a pleasure.

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