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4 Passengers | 2 Door | Automatic

Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce is known for making some of the most elegant and efficient cars available today. The brand’s classic elegance combined with BMW’s precision engineering has produced a few magnificent vehicles and one of them is Wraith. Rolls-Royce’s most powerful car yet, the Rolls Royce Wraith is designed to deliver on both performances and looks. It is impressive and eye-catching at first glance, which is why many automobile enthusiasts would like to buy it. As the car costs several hundred thousand dollars, it’s important to understand the specifics

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Included Features:

Engine: 6.6L V12
Trans: 8-Speed Auto
Drivetrain: AWD
HP: 624 Hp @ 5600 Rpm
Top Speed: 186 Mph
Gas: 12/19 MPG

A Closer Look

The Rolls Royce Wraith is a Grand Tourer machine, which is apparent from its style and presence. This is one of the most powerful luxury GTs available in the market and has been making waves since it was first introduced in 2013. EPA classifies it as a mid-sized car but it weighs as much as a pickup truck, which is probably why the machine has such a high-performance engine. It is available in standard versions and a Black Badge version for people who prefer dark interior and exterior designs.

The car is so smooth and buttery, drivers don’t feel like they’re moving on real roads. The combination of seamless transmission shifts and air suspension works to reduce movement within the cabin. You can barely sense speed bumps and potholes. The smoothness is present in its steering too. Despite being a BMW subsidiary, the steering isn’t rigid and firm. The system is light, responsive, and accurate so this isn’t the car for people who like friction in the steering. This machine is perfect for long-distance drives. There’s so much leg-room, comfort, and luxury in the cabin that you can travel for hours without experiencing any strain. It sometimes performs like an electric vehicle instead of a gas guzzler, which is a pleasant surprise to many drivers. This car comes with Satellite Aided Transmission that keeps track of road conditions.

It also has Active Cruise Control that tracks the movements of vehicles in front and back, which can help reduce the chances of accidents. Discreet 360° cameras are placed around the body to scan a 300-meter perimeter. The grille has infrared cameras with night-vision capabilities that can see far beyond the range of headlights and will inform you of upcoming obstacles. These systems make your driving experience much safer in all kinds of conditions.

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